Friday, December 13, 2013

The Silver Lining

When I look at the word count of my seven page paper knowing that there still needs to be a case study completed, an Astronomy test to study for, as well as a Contemporary Novel essay to write, it is hard for me to focus on the bright side. I don't just mean in the short-term since winter break is right around the corner and we are only a few days away from being at home and at peace for the holiday season. What I am saying is that when our dreams of a successful future are not in line with the reality of what we have to do to get there, where do we find that silver lining of hope to keep on persevering even when we are discouraged? 
For many of us, we seek to enter a field that may be popular; but a popular career often translates into a saturated job market. As a person studying Childhood Education, I know that there are many teachers out there still searching for positions. That is a hard reality to cope with, especially since we desire to hit the ground running and get our dream job as soon as we have that university diploma in hand. Or maybe you have fears that your major is so uncommon that it seems you can only find a job "in theory." 

Wherever you are at right now, don't lose heart. There are many success stories of hardworking young men and women striving towards finding their right fit and making it. Your dream doesn't have to stay a dream. However, be willing to make some compromises and put in the extra work. Take up a minor, go for more certifications, attend summer classes, sign-up for an internship (like the Adelphi Community Fellows Program) or take advantage of research opportunities. The possibilities for you to get ahead are endless. When the time comes to conduct a job search, know that all the studying and effort you put in will be rewarded- it just takes time, patience, action, and a positive outlook.

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