Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Then & Now: Hilda Perez

Hilda Perez: 

Dreaming Big & Chasing Her Dreams


From Make-A-Wish to SAVVY - Marketing for Good, Hilda Perez has been making great strides. She received her B.A. in International Studies and Political Science and went on to complete her Master's degree in Social Entrepreneurship. Currently, Hilda has experience in international development, non-profit, technology, and social entrepreneurship sectors, and expertise in event planning, operations, social media, community management, and communications. From her Community Fellows Program (CFP) Internship, Hilda has crafted her career and has continued along a path of civic service. 


As a bilingual CFP intern, Hilda served the Spanish-speaking community and worked one-on-one with families as a Wish Granting Intern. She believes this made a deep and significant impact on her worldview and influenced her to continue helping the Hispanic community. Hilda reported, "it helped me realize that I wanted to do meaningful work that is innovative and unique." She thanks CFP for granting her in-depth experience and for helping her understand how large non-profit organizations operate.


Hilda has since then founded her own social enterprise, SAVVY - Marketing for Good, and currently operates this non-profit organization which aims at growing social ventures by creating, implementing and measuring marketing activities. Hilda hopes to help other businesses grow sustainably through strategy development and positive impact. She says, "I owe a lot to that summer (CFP) experience on helping me reach this new milestone."

Hilda says, "DO IT!" She encourages you to take advantage of the incredible opportunity CFP offers and to explore your options! We asked Hilda to expand on her advice and she came back with this: "Do not hesitate to get an internship early on especially with an awesome organization. You can learn a lot from being involved and can make great contacts. Internships have helped me a lot in my career when applying to grad school and jobs later on - it is invaluable experience." So if we cannot convince you to apply for this REWARDING AND ADVANTAGEOUS internship experience, hopefully Hilda can! 

The NEW application deadline is approaching - March 9th. Be sure to check out the details here or on our website at http://career-center.adelphi.edu/ (Employment Opportunities -> Internships -> Community Fellows Program). Please feel free to stop by the Center for Career Development, in Post Hall, for additional information, and as always, thoughts and comments are welcomed!  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Then & Now: Mara Bush

Catching up with Mara Bush

 Mara Bush is a prime example of making the most out of an opportunity. In May 2012, Mara began her career as an intern for Public Access Television (PATV) through the Community Fellows Program. In this role, Mara explains that she “was given the opportunity to take on all phases of television production: shooting footage out in the field, conducting interviews with community members and editing the final project for air, all with little to no supervision.” Not too bad for a woman just finishing up her sophomore year, huh?

Interning at PATV opened many doors for Mara including future internships at ABC News Sports, The View at Disney ABC Television Group and the Nassau County Film Office. Her internship at ABC News Sports led her to the position she currently holds as a Production Associate for ABC News; a position that was lined up and waiting for her following her May 2014 graduation from AU! Talk about every college graduate’s dream situation!

Mara is a clearly a woman who likes to stay busy! As a student involved on campus, she served as the President of Video Club and was a Member of Works in Progress Club and CALIBER Community Service Club. Recognized for her accomplishments, she received to six awards including the “Creativity in Film and Video Award”, “Outstanding President Award” and “Departmental Honors.” Graduating Summa cum Laude with a 3.9 GPA, Mara was inducted into ODK and Lambda Pi Eta Honor Societies. Mara is the ideal, picture-perfect example of hard work paying off.

With the Community Fellows Program, you will see a direct correlation between what you put into the internship compared to what you get out of it. When we asked Mara what she would say to current students considering applying for this year’s Community Fellows Program she responded with, “I say, go for it! It’s an opportunity to work for the unbelievably rewarding nonprofit sector and get paid!  Plus, it makes all the difference to have experience on your resume when applying for future internships and jobs.”

Hopefully Mara’s story has inspired you to follow your dreams by applying for a relevant, PAID internship at a Non-profit organization. As stated above, the Community Fellows Program application is now available and will be coming to a close on March 2nd. So, get involved, explore your options, and be open to embarking on a beautiful, exciting new journey! You can find the application details here, or on our website at http://career-center.adelphi.edu/ (Employment Opportunities -> Internships -> Community Fellows Program). Please feel free to stop by the Center for Career Development, in Post Hall, for additional information. Also, please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Then & Now: Kate Cartagena

An Interview with a Former Fellow: Kate Cartagena

Kate Cartagena is not your average woman - she is passionate about giving back to the community, advocating for human rights, and implementing positive change in the world ... incredible, huh? 

The background story: 

Kate studied English-Creative Writing throughout her undergraduate career at Adelphi. She also minored in Gender Studies, Adolescent Education, and Psychology - as if one minor wasn't enough! Most impressively, Kate has been recognized as a Student Leader on campus, partaking in numerous clubs and organizations that further bolstered her professional skills and leadership experience. Kate is a member of the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor SocietySigma Lambda Honor Society, and Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society. She also played an active role in the Take Back the Night Planning Committee, promoting sexual violence awareness, and in the Resident Student Association. Kate's desire to give back propelled her to become a mentor in the Bridges to Adelphi Program, and her vision to explore the world was met by her study abroad experience in KeralaIndia.

Then, CFP happened ...

After completing her internship at the Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence (SCCADV), Kate felt compelled to further her involvement regarding women's issues and began interning at Planned Parenthood of Nassau County (PPNC). Kate's success story is particularly inspiring as she changed career paths and landed a full-time position just 6 months later! Given this young lady's tremendous accomplishments, we have posted her interview below. Read, absorb, and get motivated by the impact Kate's internship had on her personal and professional development.

Kate Cartagena
Public Affairs Coordinator
Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, Inc. & Planned
Parenthood of Nassau County Action Fund, Inc.

                                             THEN                                                 NOW


Q: What impact did the Community Fellows Program have on your personal development?

A: The Community Fellows Program took me away from my comfort zone and pushed me to want more for myself. With my experience at my nonprofit, I was able to hone in on my professional skills and turn my studies into knowledge and creativity on the job.

Q: How did interning at your nonprofit impact your career trajectory?

A: Interning at the Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence (SCCADV) completely changed my career trajectory. I was on the way to becoming an English teacher before my internship. As a passionate feminist, I was always interested in women’s issues. I thought the only way I could work in that field was by becoming a teacher and instilling my feminist values in my students with the books that I chose for them to read. However, with the recent changes in high school curriculum, I was a little nervous about the path I had chosen. The Community Fellows Program came at the perfect time. When I saw that SCCADV was an internship option, I immediately applied. I worked as their Public Affairs Intern and learned the ins-and-outs of my field. I worked on grant writing, legislative research, media inquiries, and our social media platforms. I even got to work in the hotline room and connect the women who called to the resources they needed. It felt so amazing to work for an organization that had the same values that I did. After my internship I went on to intern at Planned Parenthood of Nassau County (PPNC), and my experience at SCCADV helped propel me in PPNC’s advocacy work. My SCCADV Internship helped me realize that I could actually work in the field of women’s rights and support organizations that I care deeply about.

Q: Knowing what you know now, what would you say to current students considering applying for this year's Community Fellows?

A: Choose an organization that speaks to you. As an English major in the STEP Program I never thought that I would go into the Public Affairs and Policy field. I’m extremely lucky to have thrived in my positions, but knowing that I was helping an organization that I cared for and that did so much good was incredible. A lot of nonprofits will give volunteers and interns many opportunities to develop professionally. Volunteers and interns that display leadership and dedication to the cause or issue are much more likely to be given more responsibility, and considered heavily if they apply for open positions within the organization. I went from an intern to a part-time staff person to a full-time staff person over the course of six months. For me, although being in the Public Affairs field was never my goal as a freshman, working for an organization that had the same values as I did was incredibly rewarding. When you care for an organization and feel good about its mission, it is easy to find a position within it that can make you happy.

Q: What impact did your presence have on the nonprofit where you interned? What about the community it served?

A: At the end of my internship, I created a partnership between Adelphi University’s chapter of the Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity and SCCADV. I was the lead organizer on the fraternity’s first “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” fundraiser for the SCCADV. The brothers collected pledges and walked around the Garden City campus in high heels to urge the community to “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” and raise awareness for victims of intimate partner violence. The fraternity still holds this fundraiser for the SCCADV every spring. As for my work in the hotline room, I would love to think that all the people I spoke to on the phone found the help they were calling for and are healthy, safe, and happy.


Hopefully Kate's story has not only inspired you to participate in this year's Community Fellows Program but has also inspired you to reflect on your career objectives and personal goals. Remember - the CFP is a PAID summer internship program at a Nonprofit organization. Not only is it rewarding but it provides hands-on experience in your desired field. The application deadline is approaching - March 2nd- so get working and get excited. Be sure to check out the details here or on our website at http://career-center.adelphi.edu/ (Employment Opportunities -> Internships -> Community Fellows Program). Feel free to stop by the Center for Career Development, in Post Hall, for additional information. As always, thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated :) 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Then & Now: Olivia Autry

Olivia Autry: Where is she now?

For most of you, the name 'Olivia Autry' rings a bell. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this exceptional young lady - let me bring you up to speed. 

Olivia is currently a senior Honors College student majoring in Accounting and minoring in Spanish. She will be graduating next year as she is pursuing her Master's degree through the BBA/MBA 5-Year Accelerated Accounting Program. Impressively, Olivia has been active in the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business Student Advisory Board and Accounting Society on campus. When Olivia is not working on academics, she is sharing her school spirit as Captain of the AU Paws Step Team, as a mentee in Adelphi's Mentoring Program, and as a student ambassador for Students Today Alumni Tomorrow (STAT). This girl is on fire - I know. 

Then ... 

Given Olivia's motivation to succeed and desire to excel both personally and professionally, she decided to apply for the Community Fellows Program (CFP) in 2013. She reported that, "it taught [her] how to be a more well-rounded, compassionate person who realizes that success is more than just the amount of money one makes." Olivia received an internship at Cedamore Corporation as a Business Consultant Intern in which she served her community by working with high school teens in applying financial and business literacy to their roles in merchandising. She managed weekly meetings for student vendors to gain important skills in business acuity. Additionally, Olivia worked closely with her supervisor in co-developing entrepreneurial curricula and organized weekly Farmer's markets. She was, "blown away by the whole experience and [felt] like [she] gained a second family." Olivia not only interned throughout the summer months, as part of the program's requirements, but continued to volunteer throughout the year fostering community development. She quotes, "it was apparent that I had some impact on the community served based of the number of people that came out and supported each respectively and seeing the fruits of the children’s and teens’ labor." Olivia further expressed: "I strove to be the best role model I could be. By watching the farmer’s market group, I noticed that when I was motivated or passionate about something they all perked up too and my heart smiled when a few of the girls told me they wanted to be like me and that they looked up to me. It was great to know that my presence meant something and the way I carried myself spoke to them in ways that words alone never could." Today, Olivia serves as an ambassador to the Community Fellows Program. 

When it came time to continue on the path of professional development, Olivia participated in the On-Campus Recruitment for Accounting Program at Adelphi. She believes, "having [the CFP internship] on [her] resume definitely made [her] stand out from the rest of the crowd." She commented, "I was asked at least one question about it on every interview I went on, including what I learned while working there. Better than just saying “I’m a people person,” working for The Cedarmore Corporation working with both adults and kids truly showed that." For several months, Olivia participated in the Envision Mentor Program offered by Deloitte Consulting LLP and is currently an Audit Intern at Grant Thornton LLP, thanks to the experience she attained through the Community Fellows Program. Upon graduating, she is hopeful to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and venture into the field of public accounting. To bring her that much closer to her goals, Olivia volunteers on her church's Finance Committee, monitoring weekly church finances for 300+ members including account balances, donations, and the fundraising activity for various subsidiary committees. Her passion to serve the community is further demonstrated by her volunteer work at the Freeport Farmer's Market. 

NOW ...

Clearly, Olivia is one determined lady who takes life seriously by the reins. Her hard work and effort is evident by the countless awards she has won from recognizing organizations. Here at the Career Center for Development, we asked Olivia to share some advice with YOU as the CFP application deadline is approaching on March 2, 2015. Ms. Autry stated: "I would say that it’s important to remember to be flexible. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow in an organization with which one is not familiar and become supportive of a new cause that most likely does not get the recognition it deserves. Come into the program with an open mind and open heart, you never know whose life you might touch in ways unimaginable, directly or indirectly."

Hopefully Olivia's story has inspired you to follow your dreams by applying for a relevant, PAID internship at a Non-profit organization. As stated above, the Community Fellows Program application is now available and will be coming to a close on March 2nd. So, get involved, explore your options, and be open to embarking on a beautiful, exciting new journey! You can find the application details here, or on our website at http://career-center.adelphi.edu/ (Employment Opportunities -> Internships -> Community Fellows Program). Please feel free to stop by the Center for Career Development, in Post Hall, for additional information. Also, please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below! 

" The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved."
Richard Rogers (American Music Composer)