Thursday, April 11, 2019

Find Your Next Job on an Industry-Focused Job Site

If you think following your passions professionally is an impossible notion reserved only for special types of people or fields, think
again! No matter what skills you have, they can be applicable in every field. Here are some career fields that are experiencing
massive growth and where to find jobs in them!

Are you interested in working towards a more sustainable environment and supporting projects with similar goals? Maybe you’re
searching for a job that will leave a smaller ecological footprint. These job sites should be your first stop for these types of jobs! -- Comprehensive listing of jobs in environmental fields -- Highly focused search engine that daily indexes green jobs from "pre-approved" (reputable) reliable sources -- Comprehensive listing of green, natural resources and environmental opportunities -- Site focuses on issues of interest to nonprofit organizations and job seekers; includes listings for green careers with
not-for-profits -- A business networking site with a variety of job openings, many associated with green careers -- Global news and networking opportunities for sustainable businesses

Does it feel impossible to find a job in the media industry? From marketing to publishing, these sites can get you started on the
difficult search for a career in media. -- marketing/magazine/publishing in NYC -- for social media, non-profit and start-up opportunities -- media opportunities

Do you dream of making an impact on a local, state, or federal level? Start looking for opportunities where you can start making
your mark on these sites! -- for federal positions -- A great job search site that provides a salary tool; for corporate and government

Want to focus your career on social work and psychology? There’s a site for that too! -- jobs in social work, social service, and mental health. Sign up for job announcement e-mails! -- Search millions of jobs and find access to resume tips and company reviews -- A state-of-the-art online job board and career center devoted to helping professional social workers and
employers find the perfect match. -- A career site just for social workers. Upload your resume and find tips on interviewing, networking,
resume writing, and more! -- A social work job board updated daily with the most recent job opportunities for social workers in schools,
medical settings, mental health agencies, private practices, and more.

Not looking for a job in any particular field? That’s okay, too! There are plenty of general job search sites where you can find jobs in
a range of fields. -- Find free help on job search, resumes, interviews, with a great jobs board for new grads -- There is a membership fee but some areas are free; good tips for career direction -- internships, part time, and summer jobs. Just a little off the beaten path. -- Search millions of jobs and find access to resume tips and company reviews -- a source for jobs and opportunities as well as hiring and recruiting advice from job experts -- opportunities for students

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Professional Connections in a Unique Environment: Junior Stephan Steiner’s JCFP Experience

Junior Stephan Steiner got the opportunity to connect with passionate professionals as a Jaggar
Community Fellow at the National Urban League this summer.

As a Marketing and Communications Intern, he researched and created content for NUL’s social media
and covered and promoted events, such as the annual NUL Conference.
Stephan enjoyed that his position enabled him to interact with different departments and meet with
senior staff members and directors. “Within the first week I had the pleasure of setting up meetings with
Senior Directors for Partnership and Advancement, Education and Entrepreneurship as well as have a
one-on-one conversation with the [Senior Vice President] of Housing and Urban Development,” he
recounts. “These opportunities add a unique insight into the way that professionals execute and think in
their field.”
Stephan also appreciated the work environment that flourishes in a socially conscious nonprofit
working in the midst of Wall Street’s financial giants. He says he was inspired by the “the discipline the
people bring to their work and the passion with which they speak of issues that move them. They take
pride in their close-knit community and their ability to strive in high stress environments.”

The blend of National Urban League’s meaningful mission work and the high energy of Wall Street
made this nonprofit the perfect place for Stephan to gain professional experience. “[Interning at] the
National Urban League was one of the best choices I have ever made,” he says.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Adelphi University's Center for Career and Professional Development Honored with Career Development College of Distinction

Adelphi University’s The Center for Career and Professional Development has been honored as a Career Development 
College of Distinction.  

Adelphi is the only college on Long Island to receive the award this year!

The Center for Career and Professional Development offers career advice, individual career counseling, and a multitude 
of accessible programs and training, such as the PREP for Success program, America Reads, as well as Panthers 
with a Purpose and the Jaggar Community Fellows programs, and events like Mock Interview Night and career fairs 
every semester. These programs are designed to help students secure employment opportunities after they graduate.

Adelphi was selected because of these programs and assistance offered by the Center for Career and Professional 
Development. All of their offered programs promote integrated career exploration and various career preparation 
methods. These are core values of career centers selected by the Colleges of Distinction.

Associate Director of Outreach at Colleges of Distinction, Jordyn Harrison says “the support they have for undecided 
students through workshops, courses, assessments, and career counseling” was a major factor in her decision to 
award the honor to the Center for Career and Professional Development.

The Center also works with students to find creative options that align with their interests and goals.

“One thing that stood out to me about Adelphi's Center for Career and Professional Development is their philosophy 
that ‘a student's major decision does not necessarily equal their career decision’,” says Harrison.

The Center for Career and Professional Development is hosting a year of new events and workshops as well as running 
their annual programming. Don’t just visit them in Nexus 225! Follow them on Instagram (@adelphicareers), Twitter 
(@AdelphiCareers), and Facebook (@AdelphiCareerCenter) to find out what’s happening with all of our programs!

Monday, April 23, 2018

What NOT to Wear to a Job Fair

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to wear to a job fair. Usually, a job fair’s guidelines or invitation will include guidelines or
instructions to dress “business casual” or “business professional.” And while a quick Google search can tell you what those mean,
there are a few things you should never even glance at when you’re picking out an outfit for the event.

1. Jeans
This includes skinny jeans, jeggings, or any other type of variation you may think is acceptable. There is a time and place for jeans
in a professional setting, but at a job fair, they are far too casual. They show a potential employer that you may not take your position
too seriously or that you’re not willing to put the effort in.

2. Sneakers
As comfortable as they may be for a day spent on your feet, they also signal that you aren’t willing to put the effort into even your
outfit. It doesn’t send a good message to employers that are looking for people who care about the quality of their work.

3. Flip flops or casual sandals
This is simply a lazy look. Again, employers will view this as a sign that you don’t put a lot of effort in and are potentially unprepared.

4. T-shirts
Shirts without a collar or graphic t-shirts make employers think you don’t take the event seriously and could potentially not take the
job you do at their company seriously. T-shirts are acceptable for some companies if they have a more casual dress code or
environment but it’s always better to be safe than sorry at a job fair with tons of potential employers from different workplace

Adelphi University’s Center for Career and Professional Development will be holding their Annual Job and Internship Expo on April
27 from 12-3 p.m. in the University Center. Come into the office in Nexus 225 and pick up a pamphlet on how to dress appropriately
for a job fair beforehand!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Jaggar Community Fellows Profile: Shannon Ramos

Junior Shannon Ramos prepared for her future during her experience as a Jaggar Community Fellow at North Shore University
Working in the Nurse Education Department, Ramos assisted with various administrative tasks, such as assembling educational
materials. She was also able to shadow nurses on different units of the hospital every other week.

Ramos also gained invaluable experience working in a hospital for the first time. “It personally showed me aspects of nursing I had
never seen and has made me extremely excited for my future,” she said.

Ramos also got to form connections with staff members and plans on preserving these relationships far into the future. “[The staff]
truly made me feel special and appreciated for the work I was doing for them,” she says.
She learned how to work in a professional environment and inspiring results of putting in the most of her effort. Ramos strongly
encourages anyone considering applying to the Jaggar Community Fellows Program to go for it! “It was by far the best experience
of my life and has prepared me for my future more than anything I have ever done,” she says.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Jaggar Community Fellows Profile: Julia Persaud

Junior Julia Persaud learned how to cultivate both plants and professional relationships at her Jaggar Community Fellows Program

Image result for brooklyn botanic garden

Working at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Persaud helped with renewing the science used to combat pests, viruses and bacteria
affecting plants. Instead of using a chemical control, she helped develop new biological solutions to the problems.

Persaud learned a lot about plant diversity, including different types of diseases and growth types. She also learned how to care for
a plant conservatory.

Persaud also learned how to meet and interact with coworkers in a professional setting. She got to visit several gardens and
conservatories and met various gardeners, directors and workers.

These relationships will come in handy later in life, since the work she did in Brooklyn Botanic Garden inspired her to continue. “I am
actually considering [pursuing] work at a garden in the future after I finish my dental degree,” she says.

Persaud encourages keeping an open mind. The learning and networking opportunities are vast. “As a biochemistry student, I did
not know anything about plants,” she says. “I learned so much from everyone and they learned from me as well.”

Persaud gained an inspiring experience that helped her grow professionally.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Hire A Panther Profile: ReginaLena McManus

ReginaLena McManus participated in newsworthy discoveries during her Hire-A-Panther experience.

Working with Dr. Michael D’Emic of the biology department in his paleontology lab, McManus was afforded the opportunity to work on examining and repairing dinosaur fossils. She learned how to “create strong glue for putting bone pieces together, blending two-part clay to fill in major cracks and spaces, and creating new plaster cradles for the prepared bones.”

Her time in the lab taught her about how to apply new skills to a variety of fields, such as paleontology and archaeology.

McManus also learned how to take the initiative and take advantage of opportunities. “I saw Dr. D’Emic’s poster advertising for the position and I took a chance to reach out to ask him about the position and eventually got it,” she says. “It is not something I always would have done and now I know taking chances and reaching out is so important.”

She encourages students new to the program to do the same. “You never know where it will take you,” says McManus.

She continues to work with Dr. D’Emic, who was featured on the news for his findings, in his paleontology lab. During this past summer, McManus was able to enroll in is summer course “Special Topics: Field Paleontology” in Utah. She had the opportunity to work on site to excavate bones and also learned how to prepare track sites. “I learned a lot about anatomy, geology, geologic mapping, and dinosaur growth,” Mcmanus says.