Friday, November 15, 2013

Season of Thanks, Season of Giving

As our November days draw closer to Thanksgiving, we are reminded again and again, to be thankful for all that we have in our lives. However, even during this season- we often lose sight of how to show thanksgiving everyday- not just when the turkey and stuffing come out. I don't know about you but I tend to complain when I feel stressed or dissatisfied with whatever is going on in my life, and that can be anything for anyone of us! Some of you might be experiencing genuine despair, making it hard to express any sort of thankfulness. Maybe you have been Undeclared for the past two semesters and you find yourself frustrated that nothing seems like the "right fit." Or perhaps, you are unemployed and are struggling to make ends meet between tuition and everyday life expenses. Wherever you are at, just take a step back for a moment to listen and meditate on these thoughts.

Being without a job or being Undecided in a major may give you little reason to be thankful, but consider all that you are learning in the process of discovering a way to direct your passion. Think of your support team of people who encouraged you to never to give up. Reflect on those moments when you finally thought to yourself "Hey, I have gift; I just need to know how to use it."

Had I not taken a step back to really look at the big picture, I would not see the many ways in which I am blessed. I am surrounded by my loving family, my dearest friends and my church community. I have been blessed with an education that, despite all the difficulties and strain it may cause now, will payoff in the long-run. I am thankful for the journey Adelphi has offered me as a student and an employee. I am thankful because during this process, I am learning about myself and how I can use the gifts I have been given to bless others.

Giving is the verb that manifests thanks. Discover and then use the gifts you have to show others your appreciation since the power of giving resides in the intent of the giver. So my question to you is not merely "what are you thankful for?", but rather, "how can you show thanksgiving?" Not just during the holiday season, but each and every day. You'll be surprised to see how your outlook on life will change from grumpy to grateful.

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