Monday, February 5, 2018

Jaggar Community Fellows Profile: Shannon Ramos

Junior Shannon Ramos prepared for her future during her experience as a Jaggar Community Fellow at North Shore University
Working in the Nurse Education Department, Ramos assisted with various administrative tasks, such as assembling educational
materials. She was also able to shadow nurses on different units of the hospital every other week.

Ramos also gained invaluable experience working in a hospital for the first time. “It personally showed me aspects of nursing I had
never seen and has made me extremely excited for my future,” she said.

Ramos also got to form connections with staff members and plans on preserving these relationships far into the future. “[The staff]
truly made me feel special and appreciated for the work I was doing for them,” she says.
She learned how to work in a professional environment and inspiring results of putting in the most of her effort. Ramos strongly
encourages anyone considering applying to the Jaggar Community Fellows Program to go for it! “It was by far the best experience
of my life and has prepared me for my future more than anything I have ever done,” she says.

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