Thursday, April 11, 2019

Find Your Next Job on an Industry-Focused Job Site

If you think following your passions professionally is an impossible notion reserved only for special types of people or fields, think
again! No matter what skills you have, they can be applicable in every field. Here are some career fields that are experiencing
massive growth and where to find jobs in them!

Are you interested in working towards a more sustainable environment and supporting projects with similar goals? Maybe you’re
searching for a job that will leave a smaller ecological footprint. These job sites should be your first stop for these types of jobs! -- Comprehensive listing of jobs in environmental fields -- Highly focused search engine that daily indexes green jobs from "pre-approved" (reputable) reliable sources -- Comprehensive listing of green, natural resources and environmental opportunities -- Site focuses on issues of interest to nonprofit organizations and job seekers; includes listings for green careers with
not-for-profits -- A business networking site with a variety of job openings, many associated with green careers -- Global news and networking opportunities for sustainable businesses

Does it feel impossible to find a job in the media industry? From marketing to publishing, these sites can get you started on the
difficult search for a career in media. -- marketing/magazine/publishing in NYC -- for social media, non-profit and start-up opportunities -- media opportunities

Do you dream of making an impact on a local, state, or federal level? Start looking for opportunities where you can start making
your mark on these sites! -- for federal positions -- A great job search site that provides a salary tool; for corporate and government

Want to focus your career on social work and psychology? There’s a site for that too! -- jobs in social work, social service, and mental health. Sign up for job announcement e-mails! -- Search millions of jobs and find access to resume tips and company reviews -- A state-of-the-art online job board and career center devoted to helping professional social workers and
employers find the perfect match. -- A career site just for social workers. Upload your resume and find tips on interviewing, networking,
resume writing, and more! -- A social work job board updated daily with the most recent job opportunities for social workers in schools,
medical settings, mental health agencies, private practices, and more.

Not looking for a job in any particular field? That’s okay, too! There are plenty of general job search sites where you can find jobs in
a range of fields. -- Find free help on job search, resumes, interviews, with a great jobs board for new grads -- There is a membership fee but some areas are free; good tips for career direction -- internships, part time, and summer jobs. Just a little off the beaten path. -- Search millions of jobs and find access to resume tips and company reviews -- a source for jobs and opportunities as well as hiring and recruiting advice from job experts -- opportunities for students

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