Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Professional Connections in a Unique Environment: Junior Stephan Steiner’s JCFP Experience

Junior Stephan Steiner got the opportunity to connect with passionate professionals as a Jaggar
Community Fellow at the National Urban League this summer.

As a Marketing and Communications Intern, he researched and created content for NUL’s social media
and covered and promoted events, such as the annual NUL Conference.
Stephan enjoyed that his position enabled him to interact with different departments and meet with
senior staff members and directors. “Within the first week I had the pleasure of setting up meetings with
Senior Directors for Partnership and Advancement, Education and Entrepreneurship as well as have a
one-on-one conversation with the [Senior Vice President] of Housing and Urban Development,” he
recounts. “These opportunities add a unique insight into the way that professionals execute and think in
their field.”
Stephan also appreciated the work environment that flourishes in a socially conscious nonprofit
working in the midst of Wall Street’s financial giants. He says he was inspired by the “the discipline the
people bring to their work and the passion with which they speak of issues that move them. They take
pride in their close-knit community and their ability to strive in high stress environments.”

The blend of National Urban League’s meaningful mission work and the high energy of Wall Street
made this nonprofit the perfect place for Stephan to gain professional experience. “[Interning at] the
National Urban League was one of the best choices I have ever made,” he says.

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