Thursday, February 23, 2017

María Bruzon Dreams Big After JCFP Experience

María Bruzon realized her non-profit dreams after interning at The National Urban League as a Talent Management Intern through the Jaggar Community Fellows Program.
Participating in JCFP gave her a new outlook on non-profit organizations. “I had never in my life considered working for a non-profit organization,” Bruzon says. “I never really understood them and I was never curious about how [they] worked either. After my internship this summer I honestly cannot see myself working for an organization that is not a non-profit.”
Working with a non-profit also gave her a new goal to strive towards. “It inspired me to dream big,” she says. “My ultimate goal in life is to go back to [El Salvador] where I was born and raised...and start my own non-profit.” She also looks forward to giving back to the Long Island community in the future.
Bruzon gained a new way of looking at her life and what she can do for others. “I have always been aware that I am a very privileged girl,” she says. “However, [JCFP] gave me that one push I needed to understand that I need to apply the amazing education I have received and all the love and empathy in my heart to give back to people that need it the most.”

Her advice for aspiring students is to maintain a positive attitude and realize the potential of each new day. She stresses the importance of focusing on building up as many skills as you possibly can.

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