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First Impressions: Victoria Sedlak

First Impressions: Victoria Sedlak

Showing prospective employers she is ambitious about her career

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Meet Victoria Sedlak: a rising Senior pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. As an Honors College student, Ms. Sedlak has been striving academically, receiving Provost and Recognition scholarships as well as placement on the Dean's List. In addition to her scholastic accomplishments, Victoria has been working on her professional development by attending events held by the Center for Career Development (CCD) and interning at various organizations. Most recently, she interned at Walt Whitman Birthplace Association through the Jaggar Community Fellows summer internship program. This girl has got it going on! 

As the fall semester commences, the CCD is preparing for our annual Welcome Back Block Party on Thursday, September 10, 2015, from 11am -2pm. This fall Job Fair is for current students and alumni, and will be at the Garden City campus, in the Thomas Dixon Lovely Ballroom, Ruth S. Harley University Center. It is an excellent opportunity to apply for on- and off- campus jobs, as well as learn about prospective internship, volunteer, and leadership possibilities. Students will also have the opportunity to:

  • Take FREE professional LinkedIn head shots
  • Be able to check with the Office of Student Financial Services to inquire about work-study
  • Learn about paid opportunities offered through the Center for Career Development, such as:
    • America Reads/America Counts work-study tutoring program
    • Jaggar Community Fellows Program (JCFP) paid summer internships
    • Panthers with a Purpose work-study program

Through her participation in the Block Party, Victoria learned about on-campus employment and applied for a position. She now works as an Events Assistant in the Department of Marketing and Creative Services, marketing and promoting the university to prospective students. When interviewed about her on-campus work experience and how it has impacted her career trajectory, Ms. Sedlak replied with this:  

Interviewer: What impact does or did your campus job have on your experience as a student? Did it help you get involved, or to feel more included in campus life?  
Sedlak: Working with the events department has definitely helped me meet new people (we have a fairly large student team) and gain valuable skills and experiences that I can carry with me throughout my time at Adelphi and my future career. I’m constantly interacting with faculty, current students and prospective students, which continually improves my communication skills and also results in valuable connections. 
INTERVIEWER: Did/Does your job relate to your anticipated career and, if so, how has that on-the-job insight helped you learn and gain experience for job prospects after graduation?  
SEDLAK: I strive to have a career in marketing, more specifically, marketing for nonprofit organizations, and when I’ve gone on interviews for possible internships the employers have always been impressed to see that I have two years of experience in marketing at my University. Before I graduate, I’ll have experience in multiple aspects of the field, such as updating inventories, managing a database, promotion, branding and outreach. It shows prospective employers that I’m ambitious about my career. Having years of experience prior to graduating really helps set me apart from other applicants.  
INTERVIEWER: Would you recommend a campus job to other students? Why or why not?  
SEDLAK: If you have the opportunity, especially if it relates to your career goals, go for it. Campus jobs are not only beneficial in helping you have a little extra spending money in your pocket, they give you valuable experiences which will ultimately help you down the road. You are able to work side-by-side with some pretty amazing people who help keep Adelphi up and running. You’re also able to meet and build lasting relationships with [other students] whom you may have never been able to meet otherwise. I would highly recommend a campus job to fellow students.  

As the semester begins, don't forget to get involved and seize the opportunities ahead of you! Follow in the footsteps of Ms. Sedlak and explore your options, starting with this year's Block Party. No matter what your class standing, major, or housing status, there are employment opportunities out there for you. So, start now and get excited to make the most of your fall 2015 semester! 

Welcome Back students! The CCD looks forward to seeing you soon :) 

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