Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Then & Now: Our very own Allison Keibel

Farewell to Our Career Counselor:

Allison Keibel

I am sad to say that our beloved Career Counselor and Associate Director of the Center for Career Development, Miss Allison Keibel, is no longer at Adelphi University. I think I speak for all of us in the Adelphi community when I say we will miss her dearly and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. 

Allison is a very special person that has contributed greatly to the success of our office and to the professional development of our students. She has critiqued countless resumes, hosted numerous mock interviews, and presented at various events, shedding insight into her own experiences and helping students navigate their unique career development. To highlight her accomplishments, let's recap ... 

For seven and a half years, Ms. Keibel served Adelphi, counseling students and fostering their growth and competence. I emphasize the term counseling because although she has over thirteen years of counseling experience in higher education, Allison also has her Master of Arts degree in Community and Counseling Psychology. Impressive ... clearly.

At Adelphi, Allison was known for her event planning, like On Campus Recruitment for Social Work, Education, and Psychology majors, as well as her organization of Freshman Orientation, the Block Party, and various career-related workshops. Additionally, Allison touched the lives of many students through teaching the Freshman Orientation Experience classes and through her mentorship as a career counselor. She was dedicated to helping students find their passion and embark on their career paths, as well giving them the necessary tools to connect with and maintain relations with prospective employers. Having a counselor like Allison in their corner made a world of difference in the lives of the students who worked with her and got to know her personally. 

As her Graduate Assistant and colleague, it has been a pleasure and a privilege working with Miss Keibel. Her unrelenting support, kindness, and dedication to the students was unmatched and allowed for a positive and enjoyable work environment. The Center for Career Development will not be the same without her! 

Although this is farewell for now, it is certainly not goodbye forever. 

For those of you who knew Ms. Keibel, I encourage you to reach out and send some love, preferably through LinkedIn. Believe it or not, I am certain she has impacted you all on some level or another. 

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