Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Then & Now: Mara Bush

Catching up with Mara Bush

 Mara Bush is a prime example of making the most out of an opportunity. In May 2012, Mara began her career as an intern for Public Access Television (PATV) through the Community Fellows Program. In this role, Mara explains that she “was given the opportunity to take on all phases of television production: shooting footage out in the field, conducting interviews with community members and editing the final project for air, all with little to no supervision.” Not too bad for a woman just finishing up her sophomore year, huh?

Interning at PATV opened many doors for Mara including future internships at ABC News Sports, The View at Disney ABC Television Group and the Nassau County Film Office. Her internship at ABC News Sports led her to the position she currently holds as a Production Associate for ABC News; a position that was lined up and waiting for her following her May 2014 graduation from AU! Talk about every college graduate’s dream situation!

Mara is a clearly a woman who likes to stay busy! As a student involved on campus, she served as the President of Video Club and was a Member of Works in Progress Club and CALIBER Community Service Club. Recognized for her accomplishments, she received to six awards including the “Creativity in Film and Video Award”, “Outstanding President Award” and “Departmental Honors.” Graduating Summa cum Laude with a 3.9 GPA, Mara was inducted into ODK and Lambda Pi Eta Honor Societies. Mara is the ideal, picture-perfect example of hard work paying off.

With the Community Fellows Program, you will see a direct correlation between what you put into the internship compared to what you get out of it. When we asked Mara what she would say to current students considering applying for this year’s Community Fellows Program she responded with, “I say, go for it! It’s an opportunity to work for the unbelievably rewarding nonprofit sector and get paid!  Plus, it makes all the difference to have experience on your resume when applying for future internships and jobs.”

Hopefully Mara’s story has inspired you to follow your dreams by applying for a relevant, PAID internship at a Non-profit organization. As stated above, the Community Fellows Program application is now available and will be coming to a close on March 2nd. So, get involved, explore your options, and be open to embarking on a beautiful, exciting new journey! You can find the application details here, or on our website at http://career-center.adelphi.edu/ (Employment Opportunities -> Internships -> Community Fellows Program). Please feel free to stop by the Center for Career Development, in Post Hall, for additional information. Also, please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!

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