Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Then & Now: Hilda Perez

Hilda Perez: 

Dreaming Big & Chasing Her Dreams


From Make-A-Wish to SAVVY - Marketing for Good, Hilda Perez has been making great strides. She received her B.A. in International Studies and Political Science and went on to complete her Master's degree in Social Entrepreneurship. Currently, Hilda has experience in international development, non-profit, technology, and social entrepreneurship sectors, and expertise in event planning, operations, social media, community management, and communications. From her Community Fellows Program (CFP) Internship, Hilda has crafted her career and has continued along a path of civic service. 


As a bilingual CFP intern, Hilda served the Spanish-speaking community and worked one-on-one with families as a Wish Granting Intern. She believes this made a deep and significant impact on her worldview and influenced her to continue helping the Hispanic community. Hilda reported, "it helped me realize that I wanted to do meaningful work that is innovative and unique." She thanks CFP for granting her in-depth experience and for helping her understand how large non-profit organizations operate.


Hilda has since then founded her own social enterprise, SAVVY - Marketing for Good, and currently operates this non-profit organization which aims at growing social ventures by creating, implementing and measuring marketing activities. Hilda hopes to help other businesses grow sustainably through strategy development and positive impact. She says, "I owe a lot to that summer (CFP) experience on helping me reach this new milestone."

Hilda says, "DO IT!" She encourages you to take advantage of the incredible opportunity CFP offers and to explore your options! We asked Hilda to expand on her advice and she came back with this: "Do not hesitate to get an internship early on especially with an awesome organization. You can learn a lot from being involved and can make great contacts. Internships have helped me a lot in my career when applying to grad school and jobs later on - it is invaluable experience." So if we cannot convince you to apply for this REWARDING AND ADVANTAGEOUS internship experience, hopefully Hilda can! 

The NEW application deadline is approaching - March 9th. Be sure to check out the details here or on our website at http://career-center.adelphi.edu/ (Employment Opportunities -> Internships -> Community Fellows Program). Please feel free to stop by the Center for Career Development, in Post Hall, for additional information, and as always, thoughts and comments are welcomed!  

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