Friday, February 14, 2014

The Fantastic Four Testimonials, Part 2

I hope these words of wisdom will inspire you to not just apply yourself to the program, but think of ways you can start making an impact!

Anustha Shersta offered a different perspective of the CFP experience. She states, "As an international student, I initially had my own fears and reservations about working in a completely new community with a different culture. However, I wanted to make an impact and give back to the community that had given me a whole new world of opportunities. At the internship, I realized that it didn't matter where I am from, but the only thing that mattered was how I helped. I have learned what it requires to serve a community-- determination."

Anustha had the privilege of being accepted twice into the Community Fellows Program. Her first internship with Sustainable Long Island allowed her to conduct community workshops focusing on sustainable living while her second internship at Five Towns Community Chest provided her with the experience of being in public relations. She will be receiving a B.A. in Economics next May.

Valeria Mendoza will be earning her B.A. in International Studies/ Latin American Studies degree in 2015. She also had the opportunity to intern at two different non-profit organizations including Global Kids and The Fair Media Council. She described how her placement in both of these organizations enabled her to rediscover her aptitude in the fields she is currently pursuing:

“My first placement at The Fair Media Council gave me the opportunity to revisit my creative skills and sparked my interest in a concentration in Marketing paired with my International/ Latin American Studies degree. My second placement inGlobal Kids gave me the reassurance that I could make a living working for an organization that embodied my passion for social justice and that I was a professional ready for the fast paced New York City labor market.”

Valeria believes that “working for an organization that you are personally invested in” is what will make you committed to the fulfilling the organization’s mission. 

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