Friday, February 14, 2014

The Fantastic Four Testimonials, Part 1

What better way to gain insight about real-life CFP experiences than asking the interns themselves? Here are four brilliant young women who were willing to share their Community Fellows Program testimonials.

Stephanie Lerner, who is working towards a B.A. in Mathematics, was among the first I interviewed. Stephanie was honored as the Community Fellow of the Year 2013. She is now a Junior Board member for the Women's Fund of Long Island. This non-profit organization that she had interned for is designed to empower women leadership in their communities by providing grants.

When I asked Stephanie, "How would you advise those who are considering applying for this internship program?" Her response was,
"Sell yourself. There is no interview, just this essay and the resume. Talk about the role you would play in the non-profit you created. A non-profit is such a big idea, so there are many pieces needed to make it successful. Each worker's role can contribute. Try to really emphasize this in your essay."
Olivia Autry, who will be graduating next spring with a B.B.A. in Accounting, shared a valuable lesson she learned during her CFP internship,
"Teaching is almost the complete opposite of accounting, which is what I did during my internship at Cedarmore Corporation. Yet it provided me with a different learning experience than what I would have gained had I choose a non-profit organization associated with accounting.
Olivia continues to volunteer with Cedarmore Corporation, a non-profit that creates programs to help at risk youths. She says, "I still volunteer there because of the personal connections I made with the teens that I worked with and taught."

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