Thursday, July 27, 2017

How to Mix Vacation and Work

Summer is universally recognized as the time to take a break. However, taking a break is not always an option for a full time employee, even if you go on a trip. Here’s how to effectively balance work and vacation.

  1. Work ahead
Try to get some of the work you’ll be missing finished before you leave. Staying overtime in the weeks before your trip is never a bad idea. Try to get as much done as possible before leaving.
  1. Set boundaries
Staying on top of work is important, but you should remember that you planned this vacation for a reason. To ensure that you get that much needed rest and relaxation, set constraints on when and how much you work. Do work when you know it won’t interfere with your recreational plans. Are you excited for early morning hikes or you looking forward to the nightlife? Plan accordingly. Additionally, try not to spend more than an hour or two working. You don’t want to turn your work/break balance into a part-time job.
  1. Plan
It’s also incredibly important to plan ahead. Arrange who will cover for you and who you want to put in charge of any projects. Distribute outlines and checklists to those who are helping you. Throughout your trip, periodically check in to ensure that everything is getting done as you see fit.
  1. Limit yourself to a phone
With your boundaries set and your plan set in motion, go even further in ensuring you get the break you need. Limit your devices to just your phone. This allows you to stay in contact with those who need you, but doesn’t give you the ability to waste your vacation time writing reports or doing digital filing.
5. Don’t take your work with you
Plan to only check your e-mail or update your team while you’re in your hotel room or in the taxi on the way to your destination. Once you’re at the beach, the park, or the club, turn your work off. Do what you came here to do - enjoy yourself!

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