Friday, December 9, 2016

The Benefits of Working for a Nonprofit

Working for a nonprofit organization used to be viewed as a negative way to fill your time. But in recent years, the attitude around nonprofits has changed and employment in one looks good on any resume. The perceptions have changed because the work has changed and become more valuable to everyone.

Here are nine reasons to work for a nonprofit.

  1. Growth Opportunities
Because of the informal setting, the potential to elevate your position at a nonprofit is much easier. The jobs you can have fall in a much wider range than most for-profit companies. By working on many projects at once, more opportunities for job development are available to nonprofit employees.

  1. Supersize your skill set
Nonprofits are always understaffed. While this is a disadvantage for the company, it’s a benefit for you. You won’t only learn your role, but you’ll be able to learn about what your boss and coworkers do. Taking on a few projects at a time is common at nonprofits. You’ll learn new and varied skills that you’ll be able to add to your resume and employ in other professions.

  1. Perks make up for the low paycheck
Nonprofits are called nonprofits for that very reason: they are a company that provides services for no profitable gain. This means that your salary might not be as much as one would earn at a for-profit company. However, you’re compensated with non-monetary perks, such as flexible schedules, a relaxed dress code and other benefits.

  1. Network expander
Working for a nonprofit is an excellent way to get your foot in the door of your field. You get to meet people and work on projects that are directly related to your area. It’s also a great way to network. You get to work with a multitude of people in your field who can provide you with recommendations, referrals and advice.

  1. They value the work/life balance
Nonprofits have a more people-oriented approach to staff management. They recognize your personal needs and can work with you to give you a more flexible schedule or set other accommodations you might need.

  1. You can cross over into the corporate world
For-profit companies and corporate professionals often like to hire members of nonprofit organizations to integrate a more compassionate voice into their decision making process and business strategies.

  1. You’ll get to flex your creative muscles
Nonprofits have little money and high stakes, so they need creative solutions and ideas in order to achieve what they want in effective ways.

  1. Plenty of job variety
The variety of jobs you can take are endless. There’s a bigger range of fields in a nonprofit. Want to work with animals? Children? There are jobs that can get you involved in almost anything.

  1. Engage your heart/passion
With this variety of job opportunities, you are more able to engage yourself in your passions at your job. It’s easy to follow your heart into a field you truly love and can do your best work in.

If you are interested in working for a nonprofit, apply for the Jaggar Community Fellows Program today! All applications are due March 1, 2017.

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