Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jaggar Community Fellows Program Intern Spotlight: Alexus Haddad

We're back with our next segment of the 2016 Jaggar Community Fellows Program Intern Spotlight Series, where we take a moment to share what our former JCFP interns have learned from their placement in a nonprofit organization during their summer internship. This week our spotlight is highlighting the one and only, Alexus Haddad!

Alexus was instrumental in bettering lives through her position as a JCFP intern with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), which is is the largest voluntary health organization dedicated to funding research, finding cures and ensuring access to treatments for blood cancer patients. AT LLS, she was able to work with patients with cancer and help support them both emotionally and financially during a most difficult time in their lives. 

Ms. Haddad's ultimate career goal is to become a physician, and the opportunity to become a JCFP intern afforded her with the chance to gain valuable experience on how to help others in need of medical treatment personally and practically. As an aspiring young professional, Alexus developed skills such as allocating resources that patients were qualified to receive for treatment and care, as well as networking with other nonprofits whom shared a goal similar to that of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

As an intern, Alexus's presence at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society made a significant impact. She assisted preparations for campaigning a major fundraising walk event hosted by LLS, called Light The Night. In doing so, Haddad ultimately helped spread awareness for various blood cancers, and how to support families who are affected by them, to members throughout the community. Moreover, Alexus gave thanks for her mentor at LLS, sharing that it made all the difference to have someone who encouraged her and believed in her abilities to help others and make a positive impact on their lives.

JCFP interns make great strides every year to be an effective agent of change and advocacy for communities surrounding various local New York nonprofit organizations. Alexus reflected on her time participating in the program in stating,

The JCFP has definitely helped me grow to become a more confident, compassionate, and understanding person, and I can’t thank this program enough. My summer at The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has helped me gain valuable experience in the medical field and has helped me prepare for my future as a physician...My non-profit organization helped raise awareness for blood cancers and the research dedicated to it, which made all the difference in gaining support for the community to fight blood cancer.
Today, we sign off with Alexus's parting words for those considering applying to the 2016 Jaggar Community Fellows Program: "To future students applying to JCFP, it is an internship worthwhile. If you don’t receive the internship this year, do yourself a favor and re-apply the following year. You won’t regret it!"

JCFP applications are now open and accessible on Handshake via eCampus 
(click on the Job & Internship logo listed under "Services")

*The Community Fellows Program is now known as the Jaggar Community Fellows Program in honor of Adelphi University Trustee, Angela '62 MA '65 and Scott Jaggar's support of  this experiential learning program.

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