Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Waiting Game

You've finally applied to the Community Fellows Programs after days, weeks, maybe even months of preparation. The application deadline has passed and you ask yourself
"Now what?" Welcome to the Waiting Game. Did you know that you can be an active waiter? You heard right, an active waiter- a person who waits on the outcome of one project while continuing to research and seek out additional projects as preparation for whatever may come next.

Even though applying to the CFP is good start to your job and internship search, don't let it stop there! Here are some additional steps you should take:
  • Consider attending the Job & Internship Expo being held from 12-3pm on the second floor of the UC, Wednesday, April 23, 2014.
  • Research non-profit organizations that may be participating in the Community Fellows Program that you would like to learn more about if you had the opportunity to intern for them.         Have a LinkedIn profile? If not, create an online professional presence at and start connecting with peers and employers. If you do have a profile, make sure it is updated with current information about your academic credentials and employment history.
  • Lastly, keep current on job openings listed on PantherZone, which you can access via your eCampus account. Make sure your resume is updated and have cover letters and references available upon request.  
Ever hear the phrase, "patience is a virtue"? This is easier said than done for most of us as we struggle to keep up in our fast-paced lives of to-do lists and deadlines. But being patient does not always translate as sitting around waiting for the next opportunity to come by. Being proactive in your job/internship search is when you actively wait on some opportunities while looking into others. This is how you play the Waiting Game.

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