Friday, October 4, 2013

Counting on the Compass

Picture this: you are dropped off at a college campus you have never been to before with only a class schedule and a campus map. Some might say that is all you need to get by. However, in reality you would probably get lost despite the fact that you were given a "map" of your destination.

I believe college is not really a destination, but a journey. When on a journey, it is best to have a compass or, in other words, a sense of direction and purpose of what you are striving toward. Currently, as a sophomore, I can assure you that having one year of college under your belt really helps boost your confidence level because you are more familiar with the patterns and routines of campus life. Although the first year of college is often filled with the excitement of meeting new friends, getting involved in several clubs, and dabbling in different studies, it is difficult to envision a clear picture of what lies down the road. There seems to be a hovering question mark above all our heads when it comes to "what will I do after I graduate"? I ask, is it important to know the answer to this question? Yes. Do you need all the details now? Not necessarily.

Let me share with you something I learned so far this semester.
During mid-August, just before the Fall Semester began, I resolved to scope out on-campus jobs on PantherZone. In my freshman year, I had applied to a couple of departments, but I was unable to find a job, much to my disappointment. By the way, I highly recommend keeping an open mind and being proactive during your job search (get ahead of the game!). To my surprise, I was interviewed and then selected as an intern for Adelphi University's Center for Career Development. At first, I was uncertain of how this internship would benefit my long-term pursuit of English and Education. Yet as it turned out, I have access to more resources and information about events in my prospective career field than ever before!

Now that I have been an intern here for about a month, I can attest that the Center for Career Development has been preparing me for what to expect in the workplace. This job has become more than just a paycheck to me; it has become a place where I am treated as a contributing team player when communicating and collaborating alongside my colleagues in the office and at events.

In a nutshell, college requires us to step outside our comfort zone a bit, which is good because otherwise we may never discover our potential and passion for activities outside of our major and hobbies. It is not too late to start, so grab your compass and get out there!

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